Monday, January 31, 2011

Day Three in Tucson - Heard the last train to Yuma (for Saturday anyway)

- A parade of colour - African Village show - Car crash witnessed - Raw agate, quartz & crystals - Fulani wedding beads by the pound - Another amazing lunch beside the pool at the Atomic Ranch - Shared purchases - Haggling - Show & Tell - Old Town artisans - Chatty vendors - Yummy dinner at Cafe Poca Cosa - Baskets - Carvings - Thrones - Smiles - Negotiations - Lessons learned - Laughs shared - ATM maxed out - Banana cheesecake to die for - Friendships enriched - Another incredible starry night


  1. Amazing pictures and I love the "stream of consciousness" memories.

  2. Thanks Ellen. I just got home and am torn between fatigue and excitement to post my past two day blogs.


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