Sunday, March 10, 2013

March Break

Me, on top of the Swiss Alps.
One of my favourite March Breaks.
Oh, to be a student again, well, more precisely, to be a student on March Break this week. The coveted week off, by every student, in the middle of what feels like an endless winter.

I was lucky enough to have wonderful March break holidays when I was a kid. During my high school years my Dad and I would go on amazing ski holidays. A week to bond and ski, laugh and create memories. It was all good fun. We skied the American and Canadian Rockies, the Austrian and Swiss Alps, until my grade thirteen year, when I fell down a staircase, while on a ski trip with friends, and ended up with my leg in a cast. Mexico, would have to be substituted for Park City Utah.

March break always seemed to arrive just in the nick of time, when you felt you couldn't deal with the endless grey days any longer. March break should be mandatory for everyone. A respite from work and the everyday routine, is a tonic that we can all benefit from, particularly when we live in a northern, colder climate. Sadly, it is not mandatory for all. Alas, we've just sprung our clocks forward an hour, and the days will be getting longer, and daylight will last longer, so, all in all, things are looking up.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the memories! I agree! Spring break for all! Today was a fairly pleasant day out. The sun was shining, if not a little cold. I saw people out and about and that was a welcome sight indeed! When it's cold and overcast, or heaven forbid, snowing... it can seem like a ghost town. So... yes.. things are looking up!


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