Saturday, September 1, 2012

A day at the Ex

All my life, the start of the Canadian National Exhibition marked the end of summer. It has run mid August and till Labour day each year since 1879. And most years I have made a pilgrimage down to the venerable icon. When I was a kid, it was the family outing, in my teens it was with friends and generally a concert at the now gone Grandstand, I saw many airshows, whipped around on the Mouse Trap, took in the view on the Alpine Way ride, ate at Foods of the World and climbed the Shell tower.

This year my Mom and I decided for a more leisurely pace at the Ex, as there are always changes and things to be seen. You either love it or you don't. I'm in the former category. It's part of my heritage. I really can't imagine not going to the Ex.

The following is a what I encountered in my day in the life of the CNE 2012.

The Snowbirds zoomed over us as we entered the grounds.
What a scene! Rides, junk food —I love it.
The Better Living Centre has now been converted to "The Farm",
and this little cutie was showing us on of the jobs of animals.
Well, his future job.

Our fine mayor looking very satirical,
reading a butter book by Margaret Atwood.
What's a farm visit without a butter sculpture?

And sand carvings too.

Over at the Arts, Crafts & Hobbies building,  were the usual fudge,
future garage sale souvenirs and this fine booth with creatively done
recycled fashions, DejaVu Design Recycled Textiles.
I picked up a Hudson's Bay bag which I love.

Ah, one of the highlights of every CNE visit — eating at the Food building.

Chicken something or other for my Mom and Falafel for me.

Pick a country and or food type, and it could be found here.
I even saw shepherd's pie in a cone made from pizza dough.
I just loved this image. Could never eat one.

The midway and all the games and prizes.

Is this not the neatest lemonade stand? Only at the Ex.

When I was a kid these carts were in all the city neighborhoods.
Many times when I was a kid my DziaDzia would give me a quarter
and I would get a yummy greasy bag of popcorn from one of these vendors.
They are now a rare site.

Homage to days gone by. Can you tell I love a good pig?

Stone artist at work in the garden show area.

Yum, a dozen hot tiny tom's.

What a way to end the ex.

The evening parade in front of the Press Office and main fountain.

Your token cow.
This sign made me laugh. I saw it when I was getting a bottle
of water when we were leaving.
A young kid running the booth had put it on the glass,
indicating a huge gap between a wooden cover and where the actual glass cabinet began.
It was full of loose change, napkins, kid's bracelets, you name it.
Until next year...


  1. Bahahaha, Kathi, another great one. Keep them coming. Nice to see you and your mom still having fun. Now I just need you to take a memory lane visit, with full colour pics of course, of our "Just Desserts" jaunts. Ahhhhhhhh, those were the days. Miss going there with you. xoxoxo Say Hi to your mom for me.

  2. Looks like a very fun day. It's always fun to see the world through your eyes.

    I'm such a blog slacker. :(

    1. Thanks Ellen. I've turned into a blogger junkie. When you do write, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog, so come on girl, write some more. You have fans.


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