Monday, June 25, 2012

Au Revoir Paris

Our last morning. I could only lust for the yummy pastries that met us each morning in the breakfast room, as our cab would be picking us up shortly to take us to the airport. Alas...

One of our very friendly and helpful front desk staff, bidding us a goodbye.

Our airy little breakfast room.

Yummy pastries.
Looking up to our corner room on the top floor.

Apparently arrondissment 8, is one of the "cool" places to stay.
Who knew?

 The trafic was very light as we drove to Charles De Gaulle Airport. I went to get my VAT tax receipts stamped and mailed and then we check ourselves in with Air Canada.

Like most airports, terminal 2A at CDG, seemed to be under construction, causing us to walk further in a convoluted way to get us to our departure gate. A week of walking has taken its toll on my Mom as her asthma, arthritic knee and sciatica were all causing grief now. I arranged for us to get assistance when we landed in Toronto.

Three moves watched on the flight: The Hoax, a classic Cary Grant movie, and Canadian Going Down the Road Again.

I had time to reflect on our week as I watched where we were on the navigational map on the screen in front of me. Often after a trip you think - did that all really happen? I do have the photos to confirm it. It was indeed eventful - both good and bad, insightful and whirl windy. We didn't do all we wanted to - as you seldom do - did some things we wish we hadn't - & won't dwell on them. Wish we had taken a cooking course, which is surprisingly just coming into vogue in Paris. I also thought creating my own perfume would have been fun, but that's why there can always be a next time.

This was my Mom's milestone 75th birthday trip, and friends Ian and Sue contributed in making it special. My Mom and I are both acutely aware of her various health issues and therefore savor each and every birthday and each adventure we have the privilege of doing together. Or time together is precious and we try to enjoy it — through the good and the bad, the frustrating and the enlightening.

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