Sunday, July 17, 2011


First photo with my new camera.
My good Karma corner on the back deck.

Andrew's word of the week - purpose.

Are we talking about my purpose in life? My purpose in being? My purpose for the day? How esoteric. Or, am I reading too much into this word?

Is my purpose to be a good person? Create wonderful unique pieces of jewellery? Volunteer more to help those that could benefit from my help?

I tend to look at the big picture and get overwhelmed. I should just try to streamline, and look at my purpose for this weekend — get in my 10 km walk, explore another farmer's market (Wychwood Barns), sort through my roof quotes, start my new book, make Pesto, dismantle my table in my backyard that is being eaten by carpenter ants, hit Henry's tent sale to finally buy my new camera.

10 km walk: Yes.
Wychwood Barns: Yes.
Sort through quotes: No - there is always next weekend.
Start new book: read all the weekend papers instead.
Make Pesto: Yes.
Dismantle table in backyard: Yes.
Hit Henry's: Yes - and this gave me a who new purpose for my weekend.

I am now the new happy new owner of  Nikon Coolpix P7000. Having said that, it actually came with a thick manual, which I have been reading cover to cover. I started the read last night, got frustrated and went to bed. Resumed reading this morning and decided to water the garden when I couldn't find a screen they said would be right there when I hit the "menu" button. Have now read most of the key salient points, and feel I have a basic handle of it, though have questions on the finer intricacies of how the manual functions operate. My lovely new compact camera, with quite a few bells & whistles, gave me great purpose on and off over the course of the weekend.

At the same time, purchased my Mom's first digital camera - a Sony Cybershot- so she can now enter the digital era. A belated birthday present, since she didn't know what she wanted. I chose the Cybershot for her, because I had one, and didn't want to go through two camera learning curves on one weekend. Too much purpose then.

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  1. Well Kat, I too have a purpose involving my new camera, which I loooovvvveeee. As you know, I am digitally and mechanically a very inept person, so my purpose is to be patient while I go through the learning curve with you, in learning to operate my new beauty. Thank you for the camera and a new purpose in learning, which I always find challenging. Genia


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